Financial Services Brochure

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After the success of the Health brochure featured previously, the brief for this project was to create a brochure that follows that style but is tailored towards the fast paced financial institutions.
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Using the same format as the previous brochure, consistent with the Unipart Expert Practices brand style. The brochure features impactful results always on the far right of the page pushing forwards, strong headlines and dynamic imagery.

The brochure features images taken around the financial district in London, creating a dynamic fast paced feel with lots of motion within them all the while maintaining a focus on people.

Using rough paper stocks throughout to give the artwork a slightly grungy feel consistent with its dark nature within the venue.

The Purple Turtle itself is a key identifier for the brand, the challenge was to enhance it and use the shapes that it creates throughout the venue and its materials to create a real connection with it as a character.