The Bell & Compass

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The Bell & Compass, a busy little pub in the centre of Oxford. Brand identity, posters, flyers, information packs.
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After suffering some bad press the owners of this site decided to re-brand and refurbish. The concept behind this project was to work with the interior designers, owners and staff to create something new and friendly that could make the transition between shoppers and families coming in during the day for some food and a drink and a party hotspot during the eveing.

Throughout the day and evening depending on the audience the venue is appealing to the logo and colour scheme changes colour and feel, the hue and saturation becomes more vivid the later in the day. The compass within the logo then becomes a device for what is happening and what the feel is at that time.

Using very simple graphics the illustrations within the branding are designed to describe a journey always hinting towards how the venue moves and adapts.